Study Findings

Results from the study will teach us more about what might raise or lower the risk of having a baby with birth defects. Because of the large number of women participating in the study, scientists can study some rare birth defects for the first time. We will combine the information from the interviews with the information from the DNA. You cannot change your DNA. However, we can study genetics together with other things such as medication use or food intake. This could tell us whether people with specific genes are more sensitive to other exposures. When we know causes of birth defects, we can develop public health policies and raise awareness about things parents and potential parents can do to prevent them.

What will you do with the study findings?

We publish findings in medical journals. Because birth defects are of great interest, findings are often covered in the news as well. They may also be used in health education materials. We will publish findings in a yearly newsletter sent to families who took part in the study and we will also report on this webpage. Remember, all our findings pertain to groups of women; no one will be able to identify you from our reports or publications.